Our Story

About Technowledgeable

Technowledgeable opened its doors on July 1, 2014. Jon Jackson, owner and head Geek, left his corporate job because he felt the small and medium businesses were not receiving the customer service they deserved and paid for. Superior customer service remains the key focal point of Technowledgeable. Our customer service is not our only concern– competent knowledge, service, and support remain high priorities for us. While other companies often provide one without the other, we strive to provide you with it all! You didn’t start a business so you could work on technology. But we did! Let us manage your technology and you can focus on your business.

About the Owner

Jon has been married to Trace, the love of his life, since 2006. When he’s not sitting behind a computer, he enjoys spending countless hours with Trace, scuba diving, participating in almost anything outdoors, and spending time with “their children” in Uganda. Jon and Trace visit the over 400 orphans at the Village of Hope whenever they can.

Technowledgeable is first and foremost dedicated to Jesus Christ, through Him all things are possible!

What We Do

What we love most about IT is helping small businesses use technology to make their work lives better. Technology is supposed to help you get your job done, not be a burden. We want to manage your IT infrastructure and make it work for you, the way you need it to, to make your work life simpler and more enjoyable.

We understand that many small businesses cannot afford to employ an IT team. With Technowledgeable, you won’t have to. When you hire us, you are adding a virtual IT department to your business.

You’ll save on improved uptime on your core business while we monitor, patch, update, secure, and support your network and desktop infrastructure. This proactive maintenance approach effectively mitigates IT risks, leading to fewer and less severe incidents.

Downtime should be minimal! Our clients receive the highest level of attention and customer support as we apply the industry’s best practices in managing your network while monitoring your system’s performance 24/7. The result is less downtime, better performance, and more productive employees.

In short, we manage your tech services so you can focus on your business.

Technowledgeable is people who know technology.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Customer Service

Our clients receive the highest level of attention and customer support.

Desktop Hosting Made Simple

Access your desktop from any device, anywhere and anytime you need it.

Virtual IT Department

When you hire us, you are adding a virtual IT department to your business.


We provide a combination of remote, phone, and on-site support.


We monitor, patch, update, and secure your network and desktop infrastructure.
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