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About Us

Technowledgeable is first and foremost dedicated to Jesus Christ, through Him all things are possible!

What we love most about IT is helping small businesses use technology to make their work lives better. Technology is supposed to help you get your job done easier, not be a burden. We want to manage your IT infrastructure and make it work for you, the way you need it to, to make your work life more simple and enjoyable.

Jon Jackson, owner and head geek, has been in the IT business since 1991. From having worked in places with hundreds of IT personnel, with each having very specific roles, to small shops where he was the only IT guy and took care of everything, he has vast and varied experience that he brings to the table. He’s been certified by Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, Altiris and Novell and trained by VMWare on virtualization technologies.

Jon says, “I love a challenge. I want to get my hands dirty in the everyday life of keeping technology performing at its peak potential.”

While he is comfortable working in large scale environments he prefers smaller companies where a personal touch is desired over ‘some IT guy’ in a back room that is never seen.

Jon has been married to the love of his life since 2006. When he’s not sitting behind a computer, he enjoys spending countless hours with his wife, photography, almost anything outdoors and spending time with “their children” in Uganda (currently over 200 orphans at the Village of Hope where they visit regularly). One day he hopes to be an advanced scuba diver, a scratch golfer and a race car driver.